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A complete list of rappers Kendrick Lamar will diss tonight


There are only three dates remembered in rap history: August 11, 1973, September 13, 1996, and August 13, 2013. The first was when Kool Herc held a party in his Bronx project rec room and the birth of hip-hop occurred, the second was when 2Pac was shot and killed on the Las Vegas strip, and the third was when Kendrick Lamar’s verse on Big Sean’s “Control” hit the interwebs. It has since been common knowledge that it is the greatest rap verse in history, beating out previous champions such as Rakim’s first verse on “Lyrics of Fury,” Lil’ Kim on “All About the Benjamins” and Keak da Sneak on “Tell Me When to Go.”

The verse was mainly a big deal for having a grocery list of rappers Kendrick claimed he was better than. He even went so far as to diss milk and eggs, though admitting he likes them with breakfast. But as with all greatest verses, most everyone’s forgotten about Kendrick’s verse in the time since. The contrarians who pushed back on the huge attention the verse got on the internet have been fulfilled with smugness and, notably, the biggest of the rappers mentioned adopted that very view. When brought up in an interview, Drake turned around the question like a seasoned politician by asking the interviewer how the verse started. The interviewer was stumped and Drake’s point was made to an applauding audience. Of course, if Elliott Wilson weren’t a brownnosing stick of butter with a fade, he might remember Kendrick said “I don’t smoke crack, motherfucker I sell it” a bunch of times to start his verse. Obviously, this means Kendrick needs to remind people he has the greatest verse of all time.

Which brings us to tonight’s BET Hip Hop Awards, made for precisely such an occasion. The BETHHA regularly features cyphers between handfuls of rappers reciting a verse while standing in a circle. Somewhere between the Paid For My Twitter Followers Cypher and the Holy Shit You’re Still Alive Cypher, Kendrick will have a chance to address the nation. A snippet of his verse has been leaked and in it he ingeniously uses the title of Drake’s album, Nothing Was the Same, to indicate that actually “nothing’s been the same since they dropped ‘Control.'” Genius! Classic! Well as it turns out, Rhyme Junkie has gotten our hands on the iPhone draft Kendrick wrote his verse on, and there are even more rappers mentioned than in the “Control” verse. Here they are, in order:

  • Drake
  • Jibbs
  • Spliff Starr
  • Da Brat
  • Dr. Dre
  • Mr. Cheeks
  • Sir Mix-a-Lot
  • Jizzal Man of Dem Franchise Boyz
  • Lil Romeo
  • Tim Dog
  • Dylan from Da Band
  • Madame Cez
  • Murphy Lee
  • Macklemore
  • both brothers in P.M. Dawn

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