Froback Friday: "Sick of Being Lonely"

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Froback Friday is a weekly feature of a music video from the platinum age of hip hop. 1998-2003, when rap was truly crossing over into the mainstream and I was regularly attending middle school dances.

Albany, Georgia duo Field Mob’s biggest hit was 2002’s “Sick of Being Lonely” off their second album, From tha Roota to tha Toota. Below is the BET version, which includes an intro of Smoke and Shawn Jay talking to each other on the phone about going to the club without their women, complete with subtitles for their Southern slang. They arrive in their Cadillac with a lifebuoy on top and an air conditioning unit hanging out the window. Shawn Jay steps out with a Gucci visor and his khakis tucked into his socks. Smoke has hay protruding out of his jeans and a mesh cowboy hat that might’ve been sat on more than once. Everyone in line for the club stares as they walk their large pig up to the bouncers, whom they bribe with a jar of clothes hangers.

Once inside, they turn up with a pork buffet and John Witherspoon, while South Carolina singer/songwriter Torica provides the chorus. Before long, the duo spots the women they left at home across the room, wearing nothing but their robes, bonnets and indignant expressions. Shawn Jay and Smoke try to crawl on the club floor to avoid them, but the women find the men and pull them home by their ears. The club keeps popping with the producer of the song Jazze Pha and Torica sitting with some guy fitted from umbrella to toe in Burberry. The sow they brought in shines a smile with a single gold tooth as the screen closes on her like Porky Pig.


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