Mixtape Review: OverDoz.


The foursome-plus rap group OverDoz. are something of a connection between the internet (read as: Tumblr rap) and the rest of the parched L.A. rap scene. Nipsey Hussle uses the internet to get sour when a magazine wishes he’d release more music and advertise his get-press-quick $100 mixtape. Problem uses the internet to find Young Bleed samples and Bay Area rappers. Both are on the new tape by OverDoz., who uses the internet to make goofy videos with Doug samples and other things that look cool on Tumblr. It’s no coincidence they’ve featured and been featured on songs with Leimert Park and regular internet guy hero Dom Kennedy.

Boom is the crew’s first full length since 2011’s mixtape, Live For, Die For. And even though the first song on the new tape starts with the Welcome Back, Kotter theme by way of Ma$e song, they’ve released a few songs in the meantime, many of which show up here. That includes last year’s trunk-rattling “De$tabil” and the airy ode to the character New New from ATL, “Lauren London,” as well as the song with Problem “F$WSAD” (Fuck $moke Weed and Sleep All Day) from earlier this year. The influences draw from far and wide, and since this is the internet, the Pimp C feature is just clips of the infamous “you gon’ smell my cologne” Atlanta radio interview and the Juicy J feature is a real Juicy J feature.

OverDoz.’s songs are mostly hook-driven ditties about girls, smoking weed and thinking about girls while smoking weed. 10 of the 17 songs are produced by THC, who’s done beats for Schoolboy Q and Dom Kennedy, and is best known from Kendrick Lamar and Gunplay’s “Cartoon & Cereal.” There are some notable changes in pace from the constant bong hits, however. There’s the low end-heavy ode to girls with freaky jewelry on “Tongue Ring” produced by Trackzamillion (who isn’t Traxamillion) and the collaboration with Atlanta artist Gwen Bunn, “Inside.” There’s also “Lapdance” featuring Juicy J, which uses the same Futuristiks beat from a Don Trip song and turns out to be really refreshing to hear because OverDoz. don’t use the exact same flow as the original song1.

The back half drifts – or hits its stride depending on which bowl I’m sparking – and the last two songs are produced by extended crewmember Iman Omari. They’re even more spaced out than the rest of the tape. “Babysteps” is about trying to fall out of love with a girl it’s not working out with. They’re having trouble, though. The chorus goes back and forth from, “Taking baby steps to fall out of love with you” to “Taking baby steps to fall back in love with you.” These dudes have a tendency to get stuck, be it with girls or weed smoke. Hopefully they can keep growing and trimming and harvesting their sound long enough for me to actually tell Creamie, Good Joon, Kent Jamz and Sleezy apart.


1. Shout out to pretty much all of Lil Wayne’s post-No Ceilings mixtape output.

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