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Quit Playlistin' : The Best of Plies


Aww yea that’s right that says Best Of: Plies. In light of the previous Quit Playlistin’, highlighting the great and severely lesser known Rick Rock, I figured why not celebrate the original coon goon and one of the reasons for the term “brilliant ignorance.”

Plies busted (no pun intended) on the scene with his hit single “Shawty” in 2007. Ever since then he’s been responsible for some of the greatest (for better or worse) moments in rap since. Who can deny the greatness (again dependent on your view) of “100 Years?” And let us not dare forget Plies’ classic and I mean CLASSIC verse – and more so important line – from Jeezy’s “Lose My Mind“. Yes I’m talking about THAT line. It’d be wrong for me to not mention that Plies is really underrated when it comes to heartfelt and introspective tracks. Need proof? Check out “Somebody Loves Me“.

Now with Plies going on his seventh year in the mainstream and his “Drunk in Love (Remix)” (fast forward to 2:13) still being fresh and oh-so-ignorantly great, why not celebrate his best tracks and guest verses? So sit back, clear your day, put up a do-not-disturb sign on your desk and hit play on 31 of Plies’ best songs and guest appearances.

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any coon-like activities caused by listening.

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