A Convo with Playboy Tre & Jake Lambo

Over this past week I conducted an interview with Atlanta mixtape rapper and B.o.B. affiliate Playboy Tre about life, music and many other things via email. We also discussed his newest protégé, Jake Lambo, and I was able to ask Jake a few questions.

Below is Part 1 of our conversation where we discuss who Playboy Tre and Jake Lambo are as both men and artists, what’s coming from them both and what attracted them to work with each other. Be sure to give them both a follow on twitter and instagram: @playboytre and @jakelambomusic

Ghost: First and foremost thanks for taking the time out to do this.

Playboy Tre: It’s all love. I’m glad to be here.

G: For those who may not know or be familiar with the name Playboy Tre could you let the people know about you?

PT: To those that don’t know me.  I go by the name Playboy Tre, Treboy Play aka Mr yeah nigga I took your liquor! I come out of East Atlanta. Part of the world famous Ham Squad with my patna B.o.B. I’m a dope artist, writer, performer, drinker and most important, a great Father.

G: Is there anything new you got coming in the pipeline for us the fans?

PT: Definitely got a new project called “Liquor Store Mascot 3″ and I also have a couple of artists that I work with and manage. Jake Lambo and another young artist named Javi that I manage alongside my business partner Big Homme. I’m also writing with B.o.B on his new album. A lot of music for the fans on the way!

G: Alright lets get to some questions about your newest protégé Jake Lambo. From your standpoint give us a quick breakdown of him as an artist and person?

PT: Jake is the future Hip Hop. I’ll put him up against anybody on a song and he’s gonna kill em. Period point blank. Skies the limit for him. He’s only 16 with a great vocabulary, outlook on life, the game and his music. In my mind, by the time he turns 18-19 he should be unstoppable.

G: How exactly did you come across him?

PT: My lady is really close with his family so I had seen him but never knew he rapped. Eventually they asked me would I listen to one of his songs and I was impressed.

G: What makes you feel like he could be a significant player in the Atlanta rap scene? Whether major or independent.

PT: I know he’s going to be a huge success because his delivery, song concepts and flow are nothing like any other people his age. I have always looked for something that stands out and is different. Special. He fits that perfectly. No one his age is spitting like he is.

G: There’s always stories of what attracted a mentor to their protégé. After you were introduced to him what made you want to get behind him?

PT: When I heard him I was intrigued but after I got a chance to hear his goals and visions for the future I knew I wanted to help him achieve those things.

G: Jake Lambo, I asked Tre to give us a breakdown of how he views you as an artist and person. I’m asking you to do the same.

Jake Lambo: As an artist,  I would  say that I am creative, & I take a lot of pride in what I do.

G: When Tre reached out and offered to take you under his wing what made you say “I gotta roll with him.”?  

JL: I had been feeling like I needed a manager to get my career to the next level. And I know that Tre has experienced alot in the industry, so I can trust him. He knows what he’s doing.

G: When can we expect a full length project from you?

JL: Definitely before the summer

G: There anything major coming that you can or want to let, the bag?

JL: Besides the project, not really.

G: You’re a young rapper, 16 if I’m not mistaken. Exactly when did you start taking rap serious?

JL: I started taking rap serious like in elementary school really, but I didn’t understand what I needed to do. But I started putting music and stuff online in 6th grade because I had been studying for  so long. So technically 6th grade.

G: Let me get some of your influences. Who do you pattern yourself after or is the best comparison to you?

JL: A good comparison to me are most of the greats. Like 2pac, biggie, nas, & jay z. Some of my influences now are from people like Odd Future to the TDE artists.

Check back next week for part two where we see how being a father has changed Tre in many ways and also what motivates Jake Lambo.

Check out some of Jake’s music via his soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/jake-lambo-music/cool-flow and his So Far Freestyle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gM_qcqJ-ers&feature=share&list=UU3joOslfBIAQ9Gm57vdcQVw&index=2

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