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Underrated: T.I.'s "Big Beast" Appearance

Underrated is a series where we take a look back at some of the verses, lines, albums, hooks and whatever else that didn’t get its fair share of proper attention.

I’m sure you’re looking at the title and thinking “How can a T.I. verse be underrated? Is it an early T.I. verse? It’s got to be. No way a recent T.I. verse could not get the props it deserves, right?” Well sorry to disappoint you. This indeed a relatively recent (2012) verse.

The reason that it is underrated isn’t because it’s a T.I. verse, it’s because of the song that the verse appears on. How many of you knew exactly who’s song this was by the title? Exactly. This verse appears on the lead single to Killer Mike’s standout (read as: album of the year) album R.A.P. Music. That right there explains why most have not heard said verse due to Killer not getting his fair share in the mainstream.

Now let us take a look at what is probably Tip’s greatest verse ever from a technical standpoint.

In  ’96, I’m riding with a pistol grip, banana clip
From Simpson Road to Adamsville, I’m repping this Atlanta shit
Nigga trying to handle up, let’s see can they handle this
A hundred round at em, that ain’t no Louisiana shit
Drinking on that Hennessey, blowing on that cannabis
Amerikkka’s nightmare, trap nigga fantasy
A record full of felonies, searching for a better me
But choppers go off in my hood like Iraq, Cuba, Tel Aviv
Shoot a nigga, let him bleed, fuck him, shorty
Sucker nigga I’ll never be, don’t give a fuck about it
Quick to run up on that Audi, make em get the fuck up out it
Nigga better be about it, he deserve it he allow it
What’s a coward to a kamikaze?
He ain’t robbed a man, ain’t predator or prey; the law of nature where I stay
I catch you slipping with that K, ain’t no illusion, no confusion
Better come up off that cake and all that jewelry or you’re snoozing

Just take a second and admire those lyrics. Now hit play on the video and watch Tip deliver that verse flawlessly and watch him hit every last ‘k’ in Amerikkka’s in perfect cadence and stride with the beat. Now tell me this verse isn’t underrated and probably his best verse ever from a technical standpoint.

Disclaimer: video is NSFW

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