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Quit Playlistin': Vintage Kanye (Part 1)

So last week’s Underrated post about Kanye West’s verses on “Digital Girl” got me thinking and it also got me in a vintage ‘Ye mood. What’s vintage ‘Ye you ask? Pre G.O.O.D. Fridays/MBDTF Kanye is considered vintage ‘Ye.

In part one of this vintage ‘Ye playlist we take a look at some tracks from Kanye’s first three albums: College Dropout, Late Registration, and Graduation. It’s pretty safe to say that Jay Z and Dame Dash made a good decision when they let ‘Ye rock on his own. Even better to say that ‘Ye made the right decision to rock with Jay over Dame during that split.

While a large chunk of the people want the old Kanye back after Yeezus (Love it still and again fight me), his recent public outbursts, and soon to be marriage to Kim K. However, who can forget the soulful greatness of College Dropout and its samples? The brashness and arrogance that was starting to shine through on Late Registration? The perfect mix of the two on Graduation while evolving his sound? Let’s all take a second and reminisce on the ‘Ye that we fell in love with, ’cause he might not be coming back anytime soon.

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