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Snoop Dogg releases video for "Gangstas Don't Live That Long"

If you’ve always wanted an inside peek at what Snoop Dogg’s day-to-day routine looks like, well, you’re in luck. The rap icon recently released the video for “Gangstas Don’t Live That Long” — a track off his recent mixtape That’s My Work Vol. 3 (hosted by DJ Drama) — and it provides a nice look at his daily activities.

So what does Snoop like to do when not in the studio? Well, based on the video we can conclude:

1) He enjoys painting at his easel (after a bit of smoking, of course).

2) He really enjoy painting at that easel. (Seriously, most of the video is footage of him painting.)

3) Snoop Dogg is far cooler than you’ll ever be (not new information, sure, but still worth mentioning).

So what’s the end result of all that dedicated brushwork? Well, you’ll have to watch until the end of the video to find out. After you do that, go download That’s My Work Vol. 3.



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