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First 48: Ross? Mastermind? Ehh

First 48: Something like a Mastermind

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Another significant album release, another First 48. What’s on tap this go round? The album that a lot are calling Rick Ross’ last stand.

That’s right, Mastermind is the topic at hand. Is it another God Forgives,I Don’t? Hopefully not. Is it another Teflon Don? I can dream. One way to find out: Here’s my First 48 initial thoughts.

1) These artworks give me hope. Kinda remind me of early Ross for some reason.

2) Let’s see, the usual suspects are featured.

3) Wild guess going by the features: “Mafia Music III” is going to have a reggae vibe. Can’t wait. /sarcasm

4) Wait…Why is there no Gunplay feature?

5) No I’m dead serious. Where the fuck is Gunplay?

6) No Wale. We all win.

7) 16 tracks. Little over an hour. Shouldn’t be too bad.

8) Welp time to bite this bullet and press play. Here goes nothing.

9) The fact that Jessica Gomes (the chick who does the Maybach Music intro) doesn’t get a check is amazing.

10) OK this intro is one of those time-lapse catch up intros with a random audio clip. It’ll do.

11) “If you cut it, call it Jam Master Jay”. Not gonna lie that was nice.

12) And there’s a cheap shot at 50. It’s amazing how they’re essentially in the same spot their in careers though.

13) “Rich Is Gangsta” reminds me of early Trilla/Deeper Than Rap Ross.

14) “… son of a bitch. One time for my momma”. I ain’t even got nothing for that.

15) “Drug Dealers Dream” reminds me of “BMF”

16) That’s not a good thing.

17) “Shots Fired (skit)” reminds me of this tweet.

18) Ross, Diddy, French and whoever produced the track gotta die for “Nobody”.

19) “Wing Stop fat boy need a 10 piece.” No really I’m bout to go get one.

20) Hov features on rap tracks > Hov features on r&b tracks.

21) Remember how I said I knew what “Mafia Music III” sounded like before hand? I was right but it isn’t as bad as I thought.

22) I forgot “War Ready” was Ross’ record. *shrugs*

23) Be honest, you did too.

24) “What a Shame.” That title is the textbook definition of irony.

25) Scott Storch beat? Paula Patton used up all his blow?

26) Really where did Ross find the piano man (there’s a joke there) at?

27) Beat is nice though.

28) “Trayvon Martin, I’m never missing my target.” Fucking really, Ross? Really?

29) Really?

30) Outside of that, “Blk & Wht” wasn’t bad.

31) This “Dope Bitch (skit)” is hilarious.

32) “If you’re a boss and this stack falls out your pocket you don’t even pick it up. I have my basic bitches pick it up. I pay my basic bitches to pick up my money.” I’m crying.

33) “My weave make you nervous? I wash my hair in champagne.” Basic bitch talk 101 though.

34) This song featuring The Weeknd sounds like every other damn song with a rapper featuring The Weeknd. I mean shit.

35) “Sanctified” is so damn soulful. That sample is perfection.

36) “People saying Ye we need another Yeezus” I loved Yeezus and think Ye might wanna chill with that line.

37) That extra Big Sean verse ain’t bad either.

38) “Walkin on Air” sounds like “BMF” which sounds like “MC Hammer”. Again not a good thing.

39) Has Meek really used a flow outside of his usual two flows?

40) “Thug Cry” beat is so dope and soulful sounding.

41) Wayne been on a win streak lately. He cut back on the drugs?

42) Not that bad on the first go-round.

43) Can someone explain to me why there wasn’t a Gunplay verse?

44) He would’ve been perfect on “War Ready,” “Blk & Wht” or “Thug Cry.”

45) Least there wasn’t a Wake appearance.

46) Wait where was Stalley?

47) Good job giving your artists a chance to shine Ross. Good job.

48) Still got nothing for that “…. son of a bitch. Word to my momma” line tho. Like nothing at all.

There we go, my First 48 thoughts on Ross’ latest album. Definitely not his best (hi Teflon Don) but not his worse either. Full review coming soon.

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