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Preview CunninLynguists' "Beyond the Sun" featuring J-Live

Man, can April 1 get here already?

In news that should excite anyone with eardrums, CunninLynguists released another track from their upcoming album Strange Journey Vol. 3 today. This newest offering, titled “Beyond the Sun” features the iconic J-Live — your favorite MC’s favorite MC and guest on the upcoming Strange Universe tour – trading verses with Deacon the Villain. With those two handling the lyrics and Kno on the production, I shouldn’t have to tell you the track is stellar.


Oh, and speaking of stellar, the Facebook post for the song reveals that the album will have an astral theme:

On the 3rd sneak peek into Strange Journey Volume Three, Deacon The Villain trades verses with J-Live while Kno handles the beat and hook to reveal the concept for the project — space explorers sent on a strange journey to Earth from a distant galaxy to find intelligent & empathetic life. Do they succeed? Find out April 1st when Strange Journey Volume Three hits stores everywhere!

CunninLynguists have proven masterful at pulling off concept albums, so one can only imagine what they’ll do with the theme of space exploration. Needless to say, we’re excited to hear what they have in store.

Strange Journey Vol. 3 comes out on April 1. To hold you over until then, make sure to check out the song “Dying Breed” and “In the City.”

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