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Rapper Big Pooh and Roc C release new single "The Crew"

With their collaborative album Trouble in the Neighborhood due out on April 29, Rapper Big Pooh and Roc C released “The Crew” this week. If you need an energetic song to help you make it through your Friday, blast “The Crew” in your headphones and glare at your boss until he or she takes those TPS reports to someone else.


Trouble in the Neighborhood — which will feature appearances by the likes of T3, MED, and Alchemist — has been a project almost four years in the making. Considering that level of care and the respective pedigrees of the emcees involved, it’s hard to imagine the album will be anything less than awesome.

If you want to learn more about how North Carolina’s Rapper Big Pooh and Oxnard’s Roc C came together, the duo has been releasing a series of interviews via Wandering Worx Entertainment. You can check out the first two episodes below:

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