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Jay Z and Jay Electronica take it back on "We Made It"


New Orleans-based wanderer and raconteur Jay Electronica signed with Jay Z’s Roc Nation record label in 2010, after Jay E released a couple of promising songs. The two collaborated on the song “Shiny Suit Theory” around that time, but haven’t made a song together since. In fact, Electronica has become synonymous with the “rapper who never raps” description. But late last year, Jay E appeared on Big Sean’s “Control” song, featuring a Kendrick Lamar verse everyone remembers even if they’ve forgotten it. Perhaps Lamar completely overshadowing what is usually a newsworthy occurrence (a new Jay Electronica verse) has inspired him a bit – he also put his verse first this time.

The two Roc Nation rappers hop on what was once a Soulja Boy song and then a Drake song, bringing history lessons and a longview of the rappers declaring “We Made It.” Jay E raps about Islam, Egyptian pyramids, the slave trade and record labels who labeled him. Jay Z raps about stunting like the movie 12 Years a Slave at the Oscar’s (with a perfectly pronounced Lupita Nyong’o reference) and chasing the mad scientist who created the White race, Yakub, back into the caves from whence he came. Hov also takes a shot at Drake, who said Jay raps about art too much, by calling him “Mrs. Drizzy” and saying rappers shouldn’t talk about gun violence they haven’t committed (though there might also be a statute of limitations for 44-year-old sports agents). Listen to the song below via Cracktracks.

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