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New Music: Drake - "Draft Day"


Drake has a way of controlling the media cycle like an old-fashioned politician. Where some rappers try to chase hashtags and memes, Drake simply says or does something that turns into them. If struggle rappers need to newest statistically inclined marketing firms, Drake is the political veteran, putting his ear to the ground and knowing the direction of his campaign. Last night, with nothing but a tweet of the song’s name the day before, Drake dropped his newest loosie, “Draft Day.” Released a month before an unpredictable upcoming NFL draft and two months before the most anticipated NBA draft in a decade, here’s Drizzy rapping harder than the last hardest time he rapped, about Johnny Football and Andrew Wiggins.

Like a president, Drake takes shots at both old superpowers (Jay Z: “Just hits, no misses/That’s for the married folk” and “We all do it for the art so I could never hate though”) and rising talent (Chance the Rapper: “And if I left shit to chance I would’ve picked a name like Chance the Rapper/No offense ’cause I don’t know that n***a”), without fucking up his oil money or coming off as beneath the dignity of his office.1 Neither are outright disses, more like partial shade. The president of the U.S. isn’t out to start World War III, he’s just going to levy sanctions and kick countries out of the G8 conference. Drake holds his tongue while mincing nothing about his motivations. It also makes either rapper mentioned look like they’re “reacting” if they say something back about this. But more importantly, Drake is amassing attention and getting Rihanna to publicly fuck with him, while rapping like a grown ass man over this here Lauryn Hill loop by Boi 1da.

Check out the track below.

1. But best believe that Drake is petty enough to respond to a two-year-old jab, search his name on Twitter with other rappers’ handles, or just check a young rapper who might be getting a little too much shine. Or all three.

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