Tupac Broadway musical tanking, ending early

I can’t imagine a big group of folks, interesting as the story may be, who would go to Broadway, look at their options, and think “yeah, let’s go see the one based on Tupac”. That doesn’t scream “New York experience” in the tourist sense of the phrase. It should come as a huge surprise that this happened, despite a likely-good story/script/cast/everything that it takes to get to broadway.

Check out a more in-depth excerpt from Variety:

Broadway’s Tupac Shakur musical “Holler if Ya Hear Me” won’t be heard after July 20, when the sales-challenged new show will close following several weeks of dire box office.

Just last week producers had vowed to keep the show open for as long as they could, while acknowledging that if weekly receipts continued to come in as low as they have since the musical began previews in early June, then the production’s lifespan wouldn’t be long.

Producer Eric L. Gold had hoped to raise an additional $5 million to sustain the show, while swinging big with a major marketing gambit in order attract attention. That initiative never came together.

What would a sad story be without the play’s title track? Without further ado….

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