Nas offered Kendrick Lamar advice on upcoming album

I’m not sure why, but I find this to be extremely cool. Not only are Nas and Kendrick Lamar close enough to chat in general (which gets the fanboy in my going nuts), he’s also talking about following up a classic album.

Obviously, Nas has Illmatic, which is viewed as more of less the holy grail of hip hop albums. As far as albums in this day and age go, you aren’t going to find anything too much better than what Lamar has done with both Section .80, or his major label debut (and the album Nas is referring to) good kid, m.A.A.d city. 

Who better to give advice on something like that than the man who was going through similar issues/successes/riches/struggles/anything else that comes with delivering a classic? Nobody, especially considering how good It Was Written turned out to be.

Check out the full bit here at Complex, but here’s an excerpt quote:

“But I think he got it. I know he got it,” Nas said. “There’s no way he can mess it up because the love he has from the game is so large that he can almost mumble on the record and it’s going to be in rhythm and it’s going to be next level. So he’s in a great place because, again, there’re so many single artists that the album artist just holds up as a whole different kind of value. And he’s that kind of guy. So whatever he does, in my opinion, will be appreciated but at the same time he knows he has to bring it. It’s about challenges, right? Life’s about challenges. In this game it’s about challenges.”

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