Froback Friday: Common (Sense), "Resurrection"

This week’s Froback Friday came as a result of my iPod. I have over 10,000 songs on it. It’s my little music bible, and sometimes I wonder if it tries to communicate with me.

I go for morning runs pretty frequently, and always shuffle my iPod when I run. This week, I’ve gotten “Resurrection” by Common (known as C0mmon Sense at the time, of course), from his 1994 sophomore album of the same title.

Disclaimer: if you’ve never heard Resurrection, not only are you missing out, but you probably shouldn’t tell me. The album is Common’s best of the 90s, and one of those albums I will instantly force you to listen to if you claim you haven’t. Like his newest album, Resurrection was produced in its entirety by No I.D.. There is virtually no period when people hear that and don’t instantly get excited…this is one of the starting points for the duo.

Without further ado, happy Friday!

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