T.I. compares 'Paperwork' to Jay Z's 'The Blueprint' and OutKast's 'Aquemini'

T.I. has a new album coming out called “Paperwork,” and he is excited about it. He certainly is drumming up the expectations for the album by praising the project.

In a recent interview with MTV News, T.I. said it would be a trilogy because there was so much music recorded, and compared it to some famous hip hop albums and trilogies.

“This is a trilogy,” T.I. said, via MTV News. “We have decided to make this album a—This project, a trilogy. Because it was just too much music and too all over the place or too diverse to just kinda put it in one particular album at one time. Too much food for people to digest…We decided that we would kinda streamline this first album. And the sound sonically of this one is—It’s soulful, musical. Kinda like [Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik] or Aquemini or [The] Blueprint.”

If you’re wondering what the first single off the album would be, it is the title track.

“We have definitely decide on ‘Paperwork’ featuring Pharrell [because it] pretty much sums up the tone of the album,” he said. “The cinematic presence of it all. When you listen to the album, top to bottom, it kinda sounds like the score to a movie and I think ‘Paperwork’ is the perfect introduction to that.”

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