Drake and Lil Wayne pay homage to Meek Mill in Philadelphia

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When rappers tour it isn’t uncommon to pay homage to the local talent when you come to a big city. Cleveland rapper Machine Gun Kelly paid homage to Eminem before a concert in Detroit with an acoustic performance of “Lose Yourself” with fans in line outside St. Andrews Hall.

Like wise, when Young Money rapper Drake came to Cleveland he brought Machine Gun Kelly out on stage. When J. Cole performed in Toronto, he brought out Drake.

It is almost sort of a hip hop tradition. So when the Drake vs Lil Wayne came to Philadelphia, they wanted to honor Meek Mill. The Philadelphia rapper is currently behind bars for parole violations and obviously wasn’t available to bring out on stage.

So the Young Money rappers honored him in another way, leading the crowd in Meek’s “Dreamchasers Intro.” Before getting into the track, Drake said “Appreciate your life, appreciate your freedom. Free Meek Mill. OVO, Dreamchasers in the building.”

If there is anyone who can empathize with Meek Mill’s situation it is Lil Wayne, who was also incarcerated for eight months and had a large “Free Weezy” campaign while behind bars.

This performance was at the Susquehanna Bank Center in the Philly suburb of Camden, New Jersey. Meek Mill is expected to be released in October.

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