DOOMSTARKS and Friends Perform at SXSW

Ah, DOOMSTARKS — the perpetually delayed collaboration album between Ghostface Killah and MF DOOM. They’ve promised us the album for nearly a decade, even teasing us with the single “Victory Lap” in 2011. 

While Visa issues over the past few years leave the masked super-villain chilling overseas, Ghostface is the…face…of the project. Year after year, Ghostface will promise us the album is ready to go, only to leave us high (Wu-Goo in stores now) and dry.

Judging by Ghostface’s steady output over the past couple decades — and him explicitly saying that he’s waiting for him — DOOM is obviously the one to blame.

He has often frustrated fans, like when audiences accused him of sending out DOOM impostors during live shows. Of course, mystery and trickery are part and parcel of the Vaudeville Villain lifestyle, so that’s the price we pay as loyal minions (DOOMions?) of MF.

Well, in 2015, the DOOMSTARKS project finally felt imminent. They released An Adult Swim single called “Lively Hood” and Ghostface posted DOOMSTARKS artwork right before the new year.

The album campaign continues to rev up with a DOOMSTARKS gathering at SXSW on Thursday night, March 17th. Presented by New Era and Hypetrak, DOOMSTARKS headlined a showcase at Emo’s with special guests, Lil’ B (replacing Jay Electronica), Philly’s own Freeway, our Canadian friend, Jazz Cartier, and more.

Rhyme Junkie will share footage as it becomes available.