The best rapper from all 50 states

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Artist – Mac Miller

Years Active – 2007-Present

Notable Album – GO:OD AM, 2015

Sample Rhyme (from the track “Weekend”):

“I been having trouble sleeping

Battling these demons

Wondering what’s the thing that

keeps me breathing

Is it money, fame or neither?

I been thinking about the places

that I frequent

All the people that I see

I’m just out here livin’ decent

What do it mean to be a G

And all the time we fall behind, bitch’s in the concubine, I call her mine, crazy”

Precociousness is a quality that’s usually reserved more for pop stars than rappers, but there’s something to be said about a young kid trying to scrape a career together even as he’s still working his way through high school.

Pennsylvania’s Mac Miller began rapping at age 14, quickly catching the attention of some influential figures. Miller would release his first mixtapes at age 17 and join Wiz Khalifa as one of the biggest names on local label Rostrum Records by the time he graduated high school.

Since then he’s stayed busy, touring and releasing albums — including last year’s critically acclaimed GO:OD AM.

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