Get Familiar: Interview with Zoony Life founder E-Money from MTV

Ghost spoke with an artist who has already secured music placement on Ja Rule’s new show. He decided to sit down and Get Familiar with E-Money.

Today we had E-Money from Zoony Life (who was on Ja Rule’s show ‘Follow the Rules’ on MTV) join us for an interview.

Rhyme Junkie: Thanks for taking the time out to do this. How are you today?

I’m doing good just getting back in town, getting back to the work!

Rhyme Junkie: How did you get your start rapping and where did the name E-Money come from?

I always use to freestyle growing up but never took rapping serious. I started rapping being around a music environment going to the studio with my friends in a garage lol and I was asked to write a verse, recorded heard my voice and the rest is history. A hobby turned into a business. I got my name E-Money before i was rapping just being in the neighborhood i used to win a lot of dice games or playing cards for money they name me E-Money, it just kinda stuck with me growing up.

Rhyme Junkie: What is your most popular song?

My biggest hit would have to be “Ride and Coast” which is my latest video which has garnered a couple Major radio plays and the video numbers steady growing, we around 25,000 views at the moment.

Rhyme Junkie: Can you explain Zoony Life to us a bit?

Yea, Zoony Life is my brand/company. Short term definition is Zealous and Loony, the full definition is all about chasing your dreams and bringing your visions to life, believing in yourself that is nothing impossible, enjoy your life…….Zoony Life. You can check out the website as well to check out the merch.

Rhyme Junkie: Growing up who were some of your favorite artists?

Growing up artists I was rocking with that had a big influence was Bone thugs n Harmony, Biggie, Nas, 2pac, Jay-Z.

Rhyme Junkie: What inspires you right now? 

Yea I’m really rocking w/ Nipsey Hussle. I think he is dope, the way he can connect and express his music with his fans. His music is motivating and inspiring. Other artists I like are Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, and Drake.

Rhyme Junkie: What is your goal in the rap game? 

I’m here for the longevity so quality releases would be first. My goal is to be legendary and being able to use rap as the platform to create business and employ my people around me.

Rhyme Junkie: How did the music placement on Ja Rule’s show come about?

It’s actually crazy how it came about, I was aggressively trying to land a placement on a tv show or movie and pretty much out of nowhere I got an email about something I did like 4-5 years back. They said my song was a fit for the show. So Just putting that energy out there and making the song available to be picked up you know.

Rhyme Junkie: Will your music will receive attention on other MTV shows?

Anything is possible, it’s just all about building them relationships and keeping them in tune with what I got going on.

Rhyme Junkie: Before I let you go, is there anything you wanna say?

Yea I appreciate the time and to everybody out there chase your dream and bring your visions to life. Dream Big Live Forever, Zoony Life!