Darrin Jones releases music video for ‘Mobile Phone’

Georgia MC, Darrin Jones is making waves in the deep-seas of hip-hop with his psychedelic, new wave sound, a blend of snap, electronic dance flavors, hints of R&B, and trap riding Velveeta-like textures, creamy and smooth.

Based in Columbus, Georgia, Darrin Jones, who is only 21-years-old, got his start in music as a youngster. Kicking off his music career in 2017, Jones has released a series of scrumptious singles, including “Blush,” “Love Thief,” “4Me,” “Remember You,” and “Mobile Phone.”

Along with his own bangers, Jones appeared on the remix of “Playa, Brisa Y Mar,” a Latin-flavored hip-hop tune by Godie Souza and General Street.

“Mobile Phone” opens with fluctuating synths permeating the glossy melody. A measured, slapping bassline reverberates with muscular potency, setting the brawny rhythm, along with Spartan crunching percussion.

The rolling sing-song texture of the music glows with cool, silky colors, as Jones’ laid-back delivery invests the tune with suave, honed tones. Jones’ rapping is clean and tight, full of tantalizing wisps of elusive familiarity, yet different enough to attract attention.

His rhymes are smart and stylish, grabbing your attention, as you wait for the next couplet with bated breath. Jones proves the adage of “rap is where you come if you want lyrics.”

“Smoke session! Munchies; need to hit concessions / Silencer! Yeah my glock, it came with suppression.”

The allusions to gangsta culture and weed keep the rhymes real and on point, meaning Jones keeps your mind occupied with guns, sex, and sweet smoke.

“She a beauty we smokin tootie fruity / The kid super groovy so she let me grab the booty.”

Frankly, Jones’ vibe is just as good as, and probably better, than Post Malone, simply because it’s more melodic.

Produced by IAMTASH, the video exudes a curious, contagious field of suppressed flamboyance. Its glitzy, yet toned down visuals saturate the tune with chic, palpable dynamism.

“Mobile Phone” is sicky dank and off the chain. Smooth as cashmere, Darrin Jones definitely knows how to turn up the heat.

With more singles dropping just around the corner, Jones is an artist to keep an eye on.

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