Video: Iyla Drops New Music Video For Juice

What cloud did Iyla ever so daintily fall from as she made her way onto the R&B scene with ‘Juice?’

At the risk of sounding repetitious – 2018 has been one epic year for hip-hop music.  In fact, now I’m full where other years left my soul starved and desolate, feeling the pangs of desire for something to vibrate at my frequency.

Short of currently wavering on sensory overload, I’m grateful the universe (and iCloud storage) is vast enough to incorporate them all into my music library.  Thanks to the exquisite artistry of the last twelve months, I now have more gigs of music than selfies.

I wasn’t looking for new artists to invest my ears in when Iyla, otherwise known as Iyla Blue, made her way onto the scene, displaying her flair and knack for winning us over with her voice as cottony as a puff of air and avant-garde concept for her new music video.

Directed by Patrick “Embryo” Tapu, the cinematography seen in Juice lets me know she has impeccable taste.

Director Patrick “Embryo” Tapu | @directedbyembryo

Serving as a testament to how art cannot be labeled or put inside of a box and the dedicated effort it takes to manifest for the audience what appears to be a magic trick, the video is a moniker that reflects the artist’s aesthetic and if you ask Patrick, he’ll tell you that “it takes a team of passionate geniuses – all artists in their own right – to translate the vision.”

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The Los Angeles singer/songwriter made her way onto our playlists with her new single from her debut EP ‘War + Raindrops.’  Five tracks that’s a definite reprieve from what we’ve heard on the opposite end of the R&B/Soul spectrum.

How does an artist distinguish herself from the rest of the greats?  Through preposterous vocal gifts, sui generis creativity when it comes to flow and delivery, and the ability to influence and reverberate with the masses.

And who can’t relate with the concept of finding love when you weren’t in search of it?  For some of us, like Iyla, it just falls in our lap and collides into us at the most inopportune times.  Now “run that sh*t, run it back.”


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