Strip Teases & Death Threats

The only thing more unstable and unpredictable than the president of the United States just might be the president’s proponents.

Canadian model Melanie Marden can attest to that now that she’s in the line of fire for portraying First Lady Melania Trump.  It’s all fun and games until Donald and his Tea Party release the hounds.

Atlanta rapper, entrepreneur, and reality television star T.I. is a relatively quiet artist but when he sends a message, he goes for the jugular.  Remember last week when he posted on Instagram the provocative clip promoting his new album ‘Dime Trap‘ that also doubled as an anti Kanye West and Trump insinuation?

In the best ‘fifteen second video clip ever seen on Instagram’ this month, the Melania Trump look-alike now identified as model Melanie Marden entered the faux Oval Office wearing a spin-off of the infamous jacket “I Really Don’t Care Do U.”  Apparently, the naked strip tease offered to President T.I. on top of the Resolute Desk has struck a nerve in Donald’s camp.

The jacket originally made headlines when the first lady inappropriately styled herself for a visit to a children’s shelter on the US-Mexico border with a message for the bleeding heart liberal media.

Indeed, the video was quite a stand for T.I. and garnered more negative attention than the model would have thought.  Since its release, Melanie has received daily death threats that range from serious to seriously frightening.

In an exclusive interview with Inside Edition, the model told reporters that,

“Somebody was going to hit me with their car, somebody was going to take a baseball bat to me.  Somebody wished me to get raped and then killed.”

Reacting to the shocking reception from the press secretary of Melania Trump and the world at large who called for the boycott of T.I., she also stated,

“It’s unbelievable people take this so seriously.  I’m an independent woman and feed myself, and I look after myself, and it’s surprising people have so much time to focus on somebody who took an acting job versus a cure for cancer.”

With a good sense of humor and a thick skin, Melanie Marden isn’t backing down.  Taking to Instagram with a PSA where she imitates the accent of Melania Trump, she tells the world, “There’s no need for death threats.  Relax, life is short.”