Pat Lagoon & RikShaw Drop ‘Shining’

Irish rappers Pat Lagoon and RikShaw recently dropped a new joint entitled “Shining.”

‘Shining’ demonstrates the virtuosity  of Irish hip-hop.

Lagoon, who hails from an old city in the southeast of Ireland, Waterford, began making music in 2016, uploading his songs to SoundCloud, as well as turning out various music videos on YouTube. His sound is influenced by Tyler the Creator, NAV, Joey Badass, and Rejjie Snow, riding chill, hard-hitting trap.

Dublin-based rapper RikShaw began making waves at the end of 2017, dropping tracks every now and then on SoundCloud. RikShaw cites his influences as Mac Miller, Travis Scott, Kid Cudi, and Flatbush Zombies. Produced by Wongy, his sound blends old school rap with new school trap resonance. Designated, his debut EP, dropped in 2018, followed by two singles: “No More” and “Promises.”

“Shining” opens on surfacing, lingering colors from the synths, followed by compact percussive snaps. When the fat bass line and thumping kick drum kick-in, the tune assumes a dual-flavored sonic impact: oozing, gleaming synths up top and a low-slung trap pulse underneath. The blend of highs and lows tethers the harmonics to an undulating chill effect, deep and suppressed with edgy energy.

The flow is measured yet tough, as Lagoon’s velvety baritone establishes a nuanced mood, followed by RikShaw’s nimbler buttery tenor. The combination is creamily tight and right.

With nifty wordplay, Lagoon and RikShaw elevate the lyrics to a first-class level.

“Old friends on my mobile it kinda sucks now / You was moving volatile I was moving more in miles / Running for the top spot, you was claiming hotspots / Got my own WiFi now I need a Wifey, pronounce how you like it.”

With plush deep suavity held under careful control, Pat Lagoon and RikShaw avoid the noose of derivation. Instead, they provide listeners with innovative cavernous sonic muscle with innate vitality.

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