Drake: Ranking his best albums

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November 15th was one of those many days in life where you officially feel old. As a full 20-years-old, I am even feeling the nostalgia while I sip my sorrows away on a virgin margarita. Drake’s magnum opus Take Care has been open to the public now for a full seven years.

Drizzy Drake has led the hip-hop industry to another level since his big arrival in 2009. Whether you like him or hate him (both valid cases), no one in their right mind can deny the transformative presence he has brought to music. Sitting at roughly a decade in the industry, Aubrey Graham has had his fair share of switch-ups sonically, which is inevitable for any artist to stay relevant.

From sappy Thank Me Later Drake to the “tough” guy Drake on If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, everyone has their favorite version of the “6 God.” With that being said, there are still valid cases when debating his discography’s artistic value. On a day that annually recognizes his second solo studio album, it appears obvious that Drake has a lot of support for his older work. There is also a lot of support on his 2018 tracks made obvious by his Scorpion sales.

Now for the fun part.

I will take my obviously biased opinions and nostalgia and use it to create a ranking of my personal favorite Drake albums from worst to best with enough supporting evidence to where I believe it should command some respect. We will pretend More Life, If You’re Reading This, and So Far Gone are albums instead of mixtapes by the way.

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