ASAP Rocky Gets Funky on New Song “Sundress”

Today I woke up and found that we were given the collaboration I never realized we needed – ASAP Rocky and Tame Impala.

The 30-year-old fashion extraordinaire that raps from time to time has always shown his creativity through his music. Just like his fashion sense, ASAP Rocky knows how to blend styles and cultures within his music.

If you remember “L$D“, his experimental psychedelic song and music video combo, then his new song that samples alternative artist Tame Impala should not come as much of a surprise.

This time, “Sundress” is a little less mellow and little more funky than Rocky’s last ventures into the alternative scene. Tame Impala’s contributions come from a sample actually, rather than an in-studio collaboration from the two sides. The band’s song “Why Won’t You Make Up Your Mind,” was the one blended through this track to the same extent of Rocky’s bars.

Directed by Frank Lebon, ASAP Rocky finds himself frozen in time at a club and getting his flirt on with a beautiful woman in a colorful display of constant creativity for Rocky.

If I had to add my two cents on the subject, I would like to say that ASAP kills it with music videos. The outfits, of course, are always there along with the beautifully over-exaggerated post-production editing. I know L$D has already been mentioned but after his  “Fukk Sleep” video, he is establishing himself as one of the tops in the visual arts of hip-hop. Just check out his “Yamborghini High” Video…speechless.

From a purely musical standpoint, ASAP Rocky has definitely been putting his hand into his creative bag, as his last album, Testing, drew mixed reviews for its experimental element.

Up next for A$AP Rocky is his “Injured Generation Tour” that he announced will be making its rounds in 2019.