21 Savage thinks Layzie Bone’s diss track was “wack”

In an argument that absolutely no one cares to debate, Layzie Bone of the iconic hip-hop group “Bone Thugs-N-Harmony” has released a “Migos” diss track that 21 Savage is not feeling at all.

Merry belated Christmas! In a holiday where we all want to possess the resilience and joyful spirit of a Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, it is sometimes easier to be The Grinch as Layzie Bone proved by dropping his “Let me go Migo” diss track on, of course, the Migos and 21 Savage.

Seriously, Layzie took the role of The Grinch in the cover art for his Soundcloud diss.  And well, 21 Savage was not impressed with this rotten Christmas surprise. 21 Savage, who just dropped the hyped i am > i was album, called the track “wack” on Instagram Live.

Savage was dissed towards the middle of the track and from what we can tell from his Instagram live rant, he was at least trying to be objective stating “I thought that sh*t was going to be hard, ’cause I love all that old sh*t.” 21 proceeded to go in on the 44 year-old artist as he sat in the bed chillin’ with the “got any games?” selfie angle.

“That shit was wack as a [expletive]. I’m talking ’bout…that was probably the weakest diss song I’ve ever heard in my life, no cap.”

21 was also astonished that Bone had so many “yes men” approving this song.

“Who the hell let that man put that shit out, man?…That n***a homeboys ain’t sh*t.”

The beef has a short-winded one-week history stemming from Bone’s dissatisfaction with Offset’s confidence in their role as all-time greats. 21 swooped in to support the young guys from the wrath of the infamous “old-head mentality before ultimately getting added to Layzie Bone’s naughty list.

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In what was an albeit a stupid response from Offset to make the beef a “bankroll challenge”, the general public is disappointed in the Bone Thugs-N-Harmony’s member to make it a compelling battle as it was this idea to make it a “skills challenge.”

Same old same old! The divisive young vs. old mentality in hip-hop is still present. Whether you agreed with 21’s statements or not, we got an undeniably funny IG Live out of it. Till’ next Christmas.

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