What’s your major malfunction?

Oops…they did it again.  Wardrobe malfunctions or the perfect photo op?  You be the judge.

The average individual goes throughout their day and manages to perform their daily duties and work activities never experiencing a ‘nip slip’ or ‘crotch shot’ but out in Hollywood, it occurs with frightening regularity.

There is a natural curiosity to take a gander into the lives of the rich and famous and see inside the bubble that is their natural habitat like an exotic animal in the wild, whether it be to live vicariously through them, discover the latest trends, or find something to strive to achieve.  For some, that curiosity includes seeing what “they’re working with” underneath the garb, gowns, weekend wear, and tour costumes.

No one can forget the biggest wardrobe malfunction that rocked the world in 2004.  Remember Janet Jackson and the “nipplegate” scandal for her Super Bowl performance which could have truly been a real mishap caused by the heavy handed Justin Timberlake with a fragile piece of fabric or could have been completely intentional.  Who knows.

Whether it’s the Kardashians nearly exposing their netherlands for all the world to see or Nicki Minaj not leaving enough breathing space between her and her latex, the star struck celebrity addicted consumers spend time out of their busy day looking at the photos and discussing at the dinner table whether or not it was an accident or a planned event.

Let’s get real in 2019.  People love “over the top” because their outfits are not geared for the basic 9-5 in the corporate world or Starbucks barista and it is our opportunity to shake our heads and cluck about it while some secretly wish they could go to work in a suit coat wearing nothing underneath.



The 24 year-old New Jersey singer suffered several wardrobe malfunctions this year and one major break-up when she and rapper G-Eazy had a cryptic split that sparked rumors of cheating.

While attending the amfAR Gala in New York City during New York Fashion Week, security stepping on the back of her dress was to blame for the photo faux pas.  Note to security: fall back when a woman has a beautiful gown with a long train.

Check out the photos and full story here

Britney Spears

After a long hiatus from the music industry, Britney appeared on stage in 2018 for her Piece Of Me: Exclusive Limited Tour but was the victim of a sparkly costume bra gone wrong during a performance in Maryland and the I’m A Slave For You pop singer never missed a beat.

Watch the full video here.


Kendall Jenner

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The Fashion Awards would be the most appropriate location to suffer a wardrobe malfunction of mass proportions but these are no mishaps.  No stranger to the naked dress despite the consistent captions of “oops” it’s hard to believe they’re unintentional.

See the history of her best ‘naked dress’ looks.

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