He Rap He Sang: Is a T-Wayne sequel in the works?

T-Pain hints at a round two for the duo that is T-Wayne and Lil Wayne obliges.

Don’t do that.  Don’t tease the die-hard T-Wayne fans and not deliver the goods because magic happens when Lil Wayne and T-Pain come together in the studio and if you’re paying attention to what’s happening in the world today, we could all use some magic.  The type of magic that birthed the self-titled, eight track project that was originally recorded back in 2008.

Due to unforeseen circumstances in the personal life of Lil Wayne that he has long since made restitution on, that album didn’t see the light of day until 2017, like mythical folklore, when it magically appeared on free mixtape downloading sites such as Datpiff.

T-Wayne was a throwback for sure but none the less relevant that year and had us old heads waxing nostalgic of the days when Weezy and Pain reigned supreme.

Heavy Chevy, an ode to the love of all things four wheels, loud pipes, and window shattering purely hit hard like a brick to the head but not for lack of verses.  They each equally delivered toe-to-toe punchlines.  He Rap, He Sang was short and sweet.  The two reminded us who does what, they can switch roles at anytime, and they do their thang no matter the lane.  That thang was demonstrated by Wayne on the classic Damn Damn Damn.  Oh Yeah was salacious just the way we like it, and Waist of a Wasp seduced with fresh and quick-witted lines.


T-Pain posted the above text message conversation between him and Wayne and you heard what the men said.  Not enough information to say they’re headed to the studio but just enough to know the idea is swirling out there in the universe.  If they’re phishing around for the climate about a T-Wayne sequel?

We can all agree, “We’re here mane.  We’re ready.  We need MUSIK.”