Hip Hop: New Album Alert, Don Toliver – Heaven Or Hell

Don Toliver has become an exciting artist in a very short amount of time. Travis Scott and the Cactus Jack team should be very proud of his debut album. 

Because of his previous predominantly local wavelength, most Don Toliver fans most likely heard their first melodies from him on Travis Scott’s “Can’t Say”, on the album Astroworld. Toliver is certainly a talented enough MC to sustain a lasting spotlight in the rap industry.

The best rap songs of all time often include an undertone, backbeat, or melodic mood-setting. Toliver comes from the garden that grows the artists who can provide such for the culture. His voice is demanding and light-hearted at the same time.

The Houston rap sound definitely finds a way on to almost every beat that he performs on, perfectly aligning with his based and high pitched voice. Not only is he sonically in tune with the surrounding beats that he destroys, but he also has a good quality grasp of creative lyricism.

Don Toliver often finds a way to express himself in-between emotional scenarios and amplified party scenes. He signed to Travis Scott’s Cactus Jack Records on a joint contract with Atlantic and We Run It, which instantly makes him an artist to expect party music from.

His debut album, Heaven Or Hell provides a few fast-paced songs to dance to, along with his angelic R&B inspired voice to set a steady mood.

The JACKBOYS are definitely celebrating his project release, as he has been featured on many popular artists’ songs and most likely put in hard work leading up to the album.

As an artist in the new school of hip hop, he does give some of the same amounts of substance as other artists at this point in time.

Be sure to check out Don Toliver’s debut album, Heaven Or Hell, available on all platforms!