Hip Hop: 5 songs to put on your playlist for the week!

Whether underground or mainstream, it has been a great year for rap/hip hop music so far. Beginning today, weekly additions for playlists will be uploaded to Rhyme Junkie every Sunday, so don’t miss out!

Starting with Sada Baby’s new tape, SkubaSada 2, which is a sequel to his first hip hop headbanger, SkubaSada, he brings his audience into his highly unique character of freely expressing all phrases and thoughts in a number of different tones.

  1. Sada Baby – “Aktivated”

Next up, 2 of the underground’s finest, in Drego & Lucki. Plu2o Nash is one of the best young producers in the game. He can combine trap and Kid Cudi-type melodies to make almost every song include its own originality. Putting all three hip hop creatives on a track together is a recipe for 500 degrees worth of fire.

2. Plu2o Nash feat. Drego & Lucki – “Live At The Roxy” 

Since Lil Uzi Vert‘s release of Eternal Atake and its deluxe edition, hip hop fans of his have not been able to stop listening daily. It’s safe to say that Uzi is a heavily established rapper at this point in his career, and getting Lil Durk on a track with himself is another great attribute that he decided to include on his album.

3. Lil Uzi Vert feat. Lil Durk – “No Auto”

Baby Keem probably recognizes how much the new Tik Tok app has helped his music expand. Kids all over the country are showing just how easily his songs can make them dance, by posting their Tik Tok videos featuring his music, all over their accounts. Whether he means for his music to be essentially advertised through the use of the app, big ups to Baby Keem for keeping kids moving.

4. Baby Keem – “BUSS HER UP”

In mourning of the late hall of fame-leveled rapper Mac Miller, a few of his closest musician friends gathered to create a dedication to him. Thundercat, Ty Dolla $ign, and Lil B (Basedgod) all giver their lyrical condolences to Mac and his legendary tenure.

5. Thundercat feat. Lil B & Ty Dolla $ign – Fair Chance