Hip Hop: Wavy Wednesday – Doubt3d wants to be heard!

If you haven’t heard of him yet, that is no surprise. Doubt3d is just getting started, and his music is exotic.

Doubt3d is not your typical candidate as a rapper to be considered “next up”. He hasn’t dived into the social media craze, he hasn’t paid for publicity, and he doesn’t even claim the streets. As an artist in the year 2020, he is clearly missing the usual features of an artist that the kids these days would consider “clouted”.

While all of those comments may hold some truth, his music speaks for itself. The use of techno sounds and increasingly melodic themes have made his songs travel to a land of their own. Doubt3d finds himself escaping into a world of regret, love, and even sometimes abuse.

Continuing to entertain the “grunge rap” style of artistry is an understatement. While he may not include heavy Metallica-like guitar transitions, the inspiration of Rock-n-Roll is obviously living through some of his music. A few of his songs are clumsy or comical, while others hold important messages to look back on. All in all, Doubt3d creates for those who appreciate honesty.

He is an artist who comes from Youngstown, Ohio. Youngstown is known for being the gritty city in America that made industrial sacrifices for its state and country early on, and now does not let its citizens leave or “make it out” easily. This simple understanding must be a constantly lingering thought in the back of Doubt3d’s head.

Image Courtesy Doubt3d

Image Courtesy Doubt3d

Ambition is an essential attribute to have when trying to escape. Rap has never been an overly successful route to take while coming from Youngstown, this makes it 10 times harder for any artist to dream big. As for Doubt3d, he understands that this is a digital world though, and possibilities are endless. He understands that it is important to never abandon dreams, for they may eventually be blessings.

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He has just released an EP titled, Complex Reflexionswhich has some very elevating notes and expressions. Be sure to go give it a listen!

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