Hip Hop: Lloyd Banks drops “Painted Houses” ft. Vado

After coming out of a fake retirement, Lloyd Banks’ name has been brought into the conversation more than usual, as of lately. Give Lloyd Banks his recognition.

The most bothersome thing about Lloyd Banks is the fact that most rap fans only see him as once being a part of G-Unit… but he is more than that. Go back and listen to those old G-Unit bangers and open your ears for how much Banks really brings to the table.

You can hate on the man all you want, but his lyricism is more than proof that he isn’t just a once-famous, fair-quality rapper.

Lloyd Banks had dropped mixtape after mixtape throughout his time, the only other artists with the same amount of respectable depth in terms of a mixtape series are Lil Wayne, Fabulous, and the late Nipsey Hussle.

If you were unaware, Banks still puts out music today. While he took to twitter to announce retirement and ended up getting more attention from that than he regularly does for is music, he suddenly reneged the statement.

He explained that it was a test to see how much fake love he could gather, and prove that the industry is very good at blackballing and being deceitful to artists without a completely mainstream brand.

Lloyd Banks has been known to be the most skilled lyricist in G-Unit, even writing some of the group’s most memorable songs. He uses his humble demeanor, unique voice, and details of grit and grind to influence listeners to keep coming back for more.

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No matter how unpopular his music may be at the current period in time, The Hunger for More will forever remain a classic hip hop album. His latest release, “Painted Houses” ft. Vado just dropped and it is definitely some fire that fans of supreme lyricism may want to get into.

Go blast “Painted Houses” asap.

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