Hip Hop: Key Glock’s new mixtape ‘Son of a Gun’ is blazing his fans

Since 2016, Key Glock has considerably grown a consistent fan base. Now that he has released his sixth project, his career is looking to be just as consistent…

Key Glock came on to the hip hop scene as just another southern rapper from Memphis who wanted to make a name for himself. As time went on, Glock created his own format and style which bounces off of the likeness of other southern artists before him.

He is truly a prototype for what the streets in the south, club venues, and fans of his different flows would love to hear. Glock has the ability to rap on any beat, whether featured or his own, he can add a ton of catchy values and gleam to every song that he is on.

His career thus far has been made up of mixtapes, hopefully leading up to an album in the near future, but that doesn’t take anything away from how hard he works.

The best thing about him as a rapper is that he can mutate a handful of flows from another artist, which is normal, but he can also put his own spin on anything that he finds to be a successful route.

Key Glock’s 2019 collaboration tape with Young Dolph made waves throughout every rap music platform. His new tape, Son of a Gun is also looking to be a banger with an influence sure to last for a long time.

Young Dolph has been a very positive partnership that Key Glock often finds himself working within, the two rappers together are simply impeccable. Both artists grew up in Memphis which also gives them a litter bit more room to build solidarity with each other.

While his newest tape has zero features, it still includes some of his best work to date! Get on board with Son of a Gun, available on all platforms…