Freddie Gibbs Disses Young Jeezy in New Song


Photo via Flickr

Back in late 2012, Freddie Gibbs announced that he was no longer with Young Jeezy’s Corporate Thugz Entertainment label. The two had hooked up a year prior, hoping to capitalize on Gibbs’ independent success by teaming him up with Jeezy’s established brand. After Gibbs left, he claimed he was being blackballed by the curved record label, and decided to air out any grievances he had with Jeezy and CTE. Gibbs claimed Jeezy said he had a record deal with Epic for him, which apparently turned out to be untrue. Since, Gibbs has called Jeezy “fake,” a “fraud” and a “liar,” among other things rappers call each other in a beef, to the media and in his songs, including a decent amount of his album ESGN (Evil Seeds Grow Naturally). To which Gibbs said he received “death threats.”

With the recent squashing of beef between Jeezy and Rick Ross on Ross’s recent Mastermind album, Gibbs has decided to open his mouth again. He recently performed the song “Real” at a show in Chicago, off his upcoming project with producer Madlib called Piñata, in which he “made [Kendrick’s verse on] ‘Control’ look like ‘Kumbaya.'”

With an “Escape from New York” line and Madlib’s rolling production, Gibbs goes hard as a motherfucker on Jeezy while wearing a “run-down pair of Jordans and some dirty Girbauds.” The beat changes to what sounds like sunlight kissing an empty meadow and Gibbs pours hot coals on Jeezy’s name. He calls Jeezy a “fuckin’ puppet” and says he made this record because Jeezy “ain’t man enough to come discuss it.” He says, “Ross had you scared to drop a diss record/No nuts, got the whole team looking weak/I guess that’s why they ran up on you at the BETs.” Gibbs also references the beef Jeezy has with Gucci Mane: “Just a whole lot of rapping with no motherfucking action/Seen Gucci by himself while we was 30 deep at Magic/And you didn’t bust a grape.” Gibbs also calls himself the “snowman killa.” Shit is flames.

Listen to the song below and check out Piñata with Madlib, dropping March 18.