5 Underrated 50 Cent Songs

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Photo: Graham Denholm/Getty Images

Ghost’s ‘Underrated’ column was so nice, we thought we’d use it twice. And then a bunch of other times with all of Rhyme Junkie’s contributors picking a song for a topic. So here’s the first in our new Underrated series featuring underground rapper-turned-gun violence victim-turned-massive rap superstar-turned-Vitamin water spokesman and now turned-independent rapper, 50 Cent.

50’s come a long way from his verse on Onyx’s “React” in 1998, and our staff looked at his whole body of work. Even when Fiddy was going multiple-times platinum, there were still ablum cuts and forgotten singles that stuck with us which might have slipped you mind. So take a look at five selected 50 Cent songs we think deserve a little more attention. -Ed.