Slim Gudz, Machine Gun Kelly’s hype man and producer, saves baby from downing on tour


Machine Gun Kelly and his EST 19XX crew are known for their emotional and powerful music, often being credited for saving the lives of fans who feel they have no where else to turn to as they battle a myriad of demons looking for an escape. While Machine Gun Kelly’s music has helped inspired and uplift fans across the country and world, his hype man, producer, and friend Slim Gudz literally saved a child.

According to tweets from Slim Gudz, Machine Gun Kelly and friend/manager Dre, Slim pulled a baby from a pool at a water slide. Sometimes the positive in hip hop isn’t as focused on as the negative, and this is an incident that deserves to be put in the spot light and Slim deserves all the praise in the world for his heroics.

The crew is on a tour called “No Class Tour,” accompanying Limp Bizkit on some dates and solo on others, and recently stopped in South Dakota. The hotel they were staying at had a water park attached to it, presumably where the life-saving incident occurred, and they also posted videos of them enjoying themselves in the park.

[UPDATE:] Slim Gudz himself has since posted to Instagram, giving more details about the story.

"Nothing made me feel better than saving a drowning baby. Easily a highlight on the #noclass tour. Here’s the story. So me and Rook are coming down a water slide into a pool, I’m like “shit there goes a ball” (mistaking the top of the drowning baby’s head) I run to grab it, as I get closer, I see little hands and feet flapping. I screamed “ohhhh shit, it’s a baby” so I grabbed the baby out, he coughed out about a cup water right in my face, then immediately started screaming. He was about 3 yrs old. He probably had about 10 secs left in him. The best part was the hug that the kid gave me after. It was crazy."