Dave Chappelle Surprised Kanye West Performed At His Radio City Music Hall Show


Dave Chappelle has been doing stand up comedy shows around the country without a whole lot of warning. He actually performed at Radio City Music Hall as part of a comeback show, and Chappelle had rapper Kanye West perform hits such as “New Slaves,” “Gold Digger,” and “Jesus Walks.”

If you were surprised to see West performing at a Chappelle stand up show, so was Chapelle.

“No one was more surprised than me when he did the surprise performance during my Radio City Show. It was weird,” said Chappelle, via GQ.

Chappelle talked about Kanye West being surprised that he hadn’t been asked to perform, which Chappelle compared to “a girl that’s so pretty, nobody asks her to the dance.”

“I knew the day before that he was coming to see the show,” Chappelled added. “Then, as I was walking onstage, right before I went on, Kanye was there and was like, ‘Yo, can I rock with y’all?’ And I thought he meant in general—like, ‘Yeah, man, always! We all cool for life! Blah blah blah.’ Talking all that shit. And then afterwards, when I say good night, I looked up. Kanye is actually onstage, standing there with a microphone in his hand. I was like, ‘This is nuts.’”

Of course Chappelle and West go way back, and he described his first meeting with the rapper on the Tonight Show featuring Jimmy Fallon.

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