The 50 Best Kanye West Songs Ever

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34. Sanctified

Release Date: February 2014

Album: Rick Ross’ Mastermind

Writer(s): William Roberts, Sean Anderson, Kanye West, Dijon McFarlane

Producer(s): West, Mike Dean, DJ Mustard

Notable Lyric:

“So you can gon’ and make up lies, but I’m so sanctified

I don’t sweat it, wipe my forehead with a handkerchief

And wash my sins in the blood of Jesus

People sayin’, “Ye we need another Yeezus”

Lames try to tell me, “Cut the wildin’ out, out”

But who the f*ck is you reachin’?”

And we quickly arrive at the second, and last, Big Sean-infused track on this list. And he’s not so bad again!

Kanye returned to help produce a track for Rick Ross’s Mastermind, and his contributions are obvious. The gospel samplings that separates Kanye, Sean and Ross’s verses sound like they could have been taken off of The College Dropout or Late Registration.

“Sanctified” benefits, as so many rap songs, from coming up with innovative ways of describing the desire for wealth and fame, and the means it takes to get them. All three contributors rap the words “All I want is one hundred million dollars and a bad b*tch” — perhaps among the most unreasonable and unrealistic requests that could be made, but one that sounds somewhere close to reasonable coming from Kanye and Ross. And maybe Sean, too.

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