J. Cole went double platinum with no features; first rapper in 25 years to reach that mark


Stop me if you’ve heard this before: J. Cole is the first rapper in twenty-five years to go double platinum with no features.

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The achievement is an impressive accomplishment — Vanilla Ice was the most recent rapper to reach the milestone, doing such with To The Extreme (1990) which featured “Ice Ice Baby” but no other rappers.

As Complex notes, however, Cole’s devoted fans have become a wildly entertaining meme. Why? Because of how often they remind hip hop heads about the North Carolina rapper’s fame.

2014 Forrest Hills Drive was fantastic and sold more than 1 million copies after the album debuted as the number one on Billboard’s charts.

Rhyme Junkie loves Cole; he’s more than just “on his way to Hollywood” as we’ve written before. Rather, little old Jermaine (with every ounce of strength in his veins) is already a shining star.

But it’s no secret that his fans relentlessly note that he’s the first rapper in twenty-five years to go double platinum without a feature.

The best thing about the recent J. Cole meme is it’s applicable to nearly every situation.

Cole, who is now featured along with Missy Elliott and 2pac on Sprite cans, has undoubtedly become one of the biggest names in hip hop.

Love him or hate him, there’s simply no denying his relevance.

Here’s the best thing about the recent J. Cole meme — which, mind you, doesn’t poke fun at the rapper but rather his fans: it’s applicable in nearly every situation.

Let’s give this theory a test run. Did you watch the NBA Finals Game 6?

If you did, you saw basketball icon Stephen Curry lose his cool with a referee after fouling out with over four minutes remaining.

What caused the tension? Perhaps the ref didn’t understand that Cole is the first rapper in 25 years to go double platinum with no features.

Maybe you and your homies were talking about how Drake recently went double platinum for Views. Toronto’s finest (who reportedly recently narrowly avoided beef with Compton’s Kendrick Lamar) earned the recognition.

Check this reply to @DailyRapFacts; Cole achieved that record as well…but without any features.

Speaking of rappers, Childish Gambino (whatever happened to his mixtape with Chance the Rapper, by the way?) is also an actor when he’s not spitting bars.

Did you hear that he was also cast in the new Spider Man movie? @iAmTerrace wasn’t impressed.

Twitter user “everything is trash” came in swinging with this news, perfectly encapsulating the meme and riling up some angry replies in the process.

I was particularly convinced by this post, where one user says he wants his child’s first words to be, you guessed it…J. Cole went platinum with no features.

In other news, The Game announced that his upcoming album 1992 will have #NOFEATURES.