GoldLink from RCA drops new, danceable video for ‘Spectrum’


Since the release the debut mixtape from GoldLink The God Complex and his sophomore release And After That, We Didn’t Talk various funky dance move were created.

With the creation of new and futurists beats, this iconic artist is helping to create an entirely new genre of music. Much to the credit of producer Rick Rubin as well, GoldLink has helped parlay his “future bounce” movement to a deal with RCA records (via Billboard).

In an interview with Pitchfork, Rick Rubin discussed GoldLink.

"“If it sounds too new, then tomorrow, it will sound like yesterday, but this has a new, timeless feeling, which is the best of all combinations.”"

Speaking of yesterday, on Wednesday GoldLink dropped a new video for the track “Spectrum” which was track four on his November 2015 album.

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Similar to the style of his other songs, “Spectrum” has a Missy Elliot sample that builds up your dance moves like no other.

And After That, We Didn’t Talk was based off of a deep relationship and his break up. On this song, the background vocals are from his Filipino ex-girlfriend.

You can’t help but to start a little head nod once he starts spitting.

The colors are dark and the movement is impressive; there are motorcycles, pink jackets and lots of chaos. Brian Puspos choreographed and starred in the video.

This music video has a plot recorded in somewhat of a dream-state, where there is a old-school break dance battle in an abandoned lot outside a motel that goes horribly wrong.

If you like this one, a couple other notable songs from his projects include…

“Palm Trees/Late Night ft. Masego”

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“When I Die”

With a majority-European fan base, GoldLink isn’t the most popular artist on the rise domestically.

He did, however, earn a spot on the 2015 XXL freshman list — but since that was announced, he has toured overseas tour.

Unless you’re extremely into wave-y music or you’re from the Maryland or Virginia area, you have likely  only heard of a couple of songs from him.

But with a combination of wave-y, West Coast and mysterious beats with creative lyrics, GoldLink is certain to bring something new to the table.