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Artist – Freddie Gibbs

Years Active – 2003-Present

Notable Album– Shadow of a Doubt

Sample Rhyme

“Celly stead ringing for Freddie but where the things at?

Drove a half a ton, dropped it off and I took a plane back

Gangsta shit in my DNA, I just can’t explain that

Even if I die tell my enemies I remain that”

With the notable exception of Michael Jackson, Gary, Indiana does not produce a tremendous amount of American culture, despite virtually being a suburb of Chicago.

Freddie Gibbs nonetheless found his way up through rap’s ranks, thanks entirely to his unique delivery. His voice strains and reaches as he rhymes, an effect that adds an emotional or angry tinge to a lot of his best work.

It helps that Gibbs’ rhymes are also inspired on their own. He’s got a great ear for his own work, and with the help of some talented producers has created a sound that’s unique within rap. His 2015 album Shadow of a Doubt is darkly ambitious, recounting Gibbs’ roots in Gary and what was done in the name of success.

Gibbs might not be able to top Shadow of a Doubt, however. Last month, he was accused of raping a woman in Austria during his European tour. He was released on 50,000 Euros bail and awaits trial. He emphatically denies the charges.

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