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Artist – Lil Wayne

Years Active – 1996-Present

Notable Album – The Carter III

Sample Rhyme (from the track “6 Foot 7 Foot”):

“Life is the bitch, and death is her sister

Sleep is the cousin what a fuckin family picture

You know Father Time, and we all know Mother Nature

It’s all in the family but I am of no relation

No matter who’s buyin, I’m a celebration

Black and white diamonds, fuck segregation

Fuck that shit, my money up, you n*ggaz just Honey Nut

Young Money runnin shit and you n*ggaz just runner-ups

I don’t feel I done enough so I’ma keep on doin this shit

Lil Tunechi or Young Tunafish”

Is it fair to call Lil Wayne, arguably one of the two or three best rappers of his generation, a tragic figure?

Yes, he’s released multiple gold and platinum albums, has had 120 songs appear in Billboard’s Top 100 (more than any other individual artist) and can even release a disastrous rock album without losing an ounce of credibility.

He also struggled through childhood — shooting himself accidentally at age 12 and dropping out of a gifted high school program two years later — and frequently found himself in either a hospital room or jail cell in adulthood.

The perseverance it has taken for Lil Wayne to move on and continue to either release his own material or, as he does frequently, collaborate with other artists is unimaginable. By all rights, he should take a cue from Jay Z and enjoy the considerable success he’s earned. Instead he’s still promising to release The Carter V at some point in the near future.

To his credit, Wayne has promised that it will be his last album. He plans on retiring before his 35th birthday in order to have the time to spend with his four kids.

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