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Artist – Bay Dilla

Years Active – 2000s

Notable Track – They Know 

Sample Rhyme:

“Up north, A-town


Can you feel me? Can you feel me?”

Somehow, someway, Alaska’s (miniscule) rap scene managed to produce one of the most insane stories on this list.

The above video is for an artist named Bay Dilla. He was reasonably popular in Alaska, in that way that anyone offering what almost literally no one else was offering is popular.

Simple reason tells us that a rapper rapping about experiences in and around the Arctic Circle won’t have national appeal, and indeed Bay Dilla does not defy this expectation.

Yet for a brief time he appeared to. The only rapper from Alaska to ever film a professional music video (disclaimer: this is an assumption that is probably correct) was absolutely swimming in money.

But how? Oh, it’s because his entire rap empire was a front for importing drugs from the Lower 48. The Feds caught him and prosecuted him for importing between 50 and 150 kilograms of cocaine into Alaska between 2009 and 2012.

Assuming he ever gets released from prison, perhaps Bay Dilla will have a rich mine of material to continue his rap career, in Alaska or elsewhere.

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