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Artist – Wok (nee Chan)

Years Active – 2010s

Notable Track – “20 Missed Calls”

Sample Rhyme:

“Purple that I’m smoking you can smell it down the block

All I do is stunt

Onion in the blunt

Better have my money if I’m giving you the front”

Look, Delaware was never going to be an easy state to write about. With no major metropolitan area, it’s got a smaller population than the smallest state in the Union, Rhode Island, despite being almost twice as large in area.

Thankfully, the excellent folks over at Complex had us covered. Back in 2014, they posted a brief article featuring a brief clip of a Delaware rapper, then named Chan and now named Wok.

To them — and to us — the song “20 Missed Calls” is as much novelty as it is quality music. It’s rap from Delaware. What in the Blue Hen State could be worth rapping about?

Turns out, a lot of the same stuff as you’d find in any other state. Chan raps over some notably well-made beats about women and drugs and it’s not half bad.

Unfortunately this is just about all we from Wok. “20 Missed Calls” came out in 2013 and, to date, seems to be the artist’s high point.

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