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Artist – Guru

Years Active – 1986-2010

Notable Album – Daily Operation (as one half of Gang Starr)

Sample Rhyme:

“You know I used to be a player, fly girl layer and a


Lovemaker, backbreaker but then I made a

Mistake yes I fell in love with this ill chick

Sweating me for money, my name and the dilsnick”

Though he made a name for himself on his own, MC Guru was originally one half of the legendary hip hop duo Gang Starr, along with DJ Premier.

Gang Starr were an influential force in rap on the East Coast when they were at their heights in the early 1990s, a story made all the more exceptional due to the fact Guru originally hailed from Boston — not exactly the United States’ most well known rap city.

Guru formed Gang Starr in 1986 with several other producers and rappers, but barely three years later he was the sole remaining member. He would recruit PJ Premier to be the other half of the rejuvenated group just before signing with Chrysalis Records.

The UK-based label encouraged Gang Starr’s underground roots and went on to help release several albums, each of which forms another foundation block in 90s era rap.

While Gang Starr faded, Guru stayed in the game and released music under his own name right up until he tragically died of a heart attack in 2010.

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