The best rapper from all 50 states

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Artist – Feeki

Years Active – 2010?-Present

Notable Track – “You Know You Like It”

Sample Rhyme:

“Really fuck the fame I really just wanna motivate

Hard work motherfucker now you know my game

I see this generation fucking filled with all entitlement

These lazy motherfuckers get me heated like a solar pane”

Of all places in Nevada, you would think that its most (read: only) notable rapper would come from Las Vegas. It’s a city of excess, vulgarity and seemingly endless prosperity. Those sounds like ingredients to making a wonderful rapper.

Of course, those that live in or near Vegas aren’t exactly living the glamorous lives that the tourists might when they come through the desert oasis. Indeed, not too far out of Vegas city limits the realities (sometimes grim) of the rest of the country become readily apparent.

Feeki comes out of Reno, Vegas’ under-respected little brother. Appropriately enough, Feeki isn’t the kind of rapper to front. He’s earnest and positive and can rock a mullet that doesn’t come off as all that ironic. He raps about life and ambition and not getting discouraged.

Like so many other rappers on this list, particularly rappers from those states that might not be anxiously awaiting The Next Big Things, Feeki’s gotta work to get his name out there, and he works hard. It’s nearly impossible not to root for him.

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