The best rapper from all 50 states

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Artist – X10

Years Active – 2007?

Notable Track – “802”

Sample Rhyme:

“Up and Vermont, this is how we do

We got one area code and it’s 802

Green mountain state where we roll on skis

Don’t mess with our cows or we’re break your knees”

One last parody rap video, and this time it’s actually somewhat notable.

X10 — the name of a couple of bratty looking dudes who probably rue the day they decided to foray into rap — released their “hit” song “802” in 2007, making it perhaps the very first example of white people making a funny by rapping about inane things.

For being such an early example of the “artform,” the song isn’t all bad. It’s got some depreciating humor and a bunch of punchlines that even those of us who are from outside Vermont might get. It’s got some nice landmarks that were only marred by the terrible quality of the production equipment.

And it’s got a couple white dudes. This was all well past Vanilla Ice and Eminem, but still the idea that a couple white dudes would rap was just funny enough to a significant segment of the population to rack up what, at the time, must have been a huge number of views.

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