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Artist – Tassho Pearce

Years Active – 2010s

Notable Album– G.O.O.D. Company

Sample Rhyme (from the track “Satelites”):

“These are moments you could wait your whole life for

Standin’ next to Bob Barker trying to pick the right door

More Henny, more Swishers, more kush,

The more I drink the more better she look”

It’s a wonder that any solo rap venture starting in the middle of the Pacific Ocean could find traction in the mainland United States, and yet Tassho Pearce proved it was possible.

Half-Japanese and half-white, Tassho grew up in Hawaii’s nascent rap scene. His career didn’t really start until he hooked up with Kanye West when the famous Chicago rapper came to the islands to record My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy in 2010.

Tassho bonded with Kanye and his clique, and eventually impressed them enough to enlist the support of a few heavies to get his rap career off the ground. He first worked with Kanye’s mentor No I.D. to produce the aforementioned “Satelites,” featuring both him and Kid Cudi.

Then he made a whole album, released just this year, called G.O.O.D. Company — a tribute to Kanye’s G.O.O.D. record label. It’s a record that stays loyal to Hawaii, with Tassho bringing in a couple other local rappers to feature on tracks.

According to Pigeon and Planes’ interview with him, Tassho now mostly resides on the West Coast of the mainland, working on music as well as setting up his own burgeoning rap empire.

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